Saturday, May 29, 2010

Aishwarya rai feet pics collection

Bollywood actress Aishwarya rai feet pics collection


  1. Would just like to rub mine against her smooth bare soles & squirt cum all over them...

  2. The origin of Foot Fetish is still mystic..Many scientists argue that reason for foot fetish is short-circuiting in our nerves.. Some say its because of some very influencing experience in childhood that will eventually shape our fetish.. While none of them have been proven yet, I support the second argument.. Because I can still the remember the incident which gave me my fetish... I was in second standard(Age 7)... On that day exams were being administered in my school.. So only 2 people can sit in one bench and the rest had to sit down... I sat on the floor before the front bench... She(My first mistess !) sat on the first bench.. So naturally i was sitting just in front of her feet.. Her feet brushed against my back as i sat down.. In my school, boys should wear shoes and girls should wear slippers.. It was a hot summer day so she had removed her slippers and were barefooted... As the test commenced i was busy writing and didn't notice her feet(After all I wasn't a foot fetish then !).. Approximately after 1 hour or so, she slowly touched me with her feet.. i continued 2 write.. Then she slowly streched her feet on both sides of my hip... now i was inbetween her feet.. I could see her feet.. It was pearl white without any flaws... i could see the curves of her feet.. very tiny hair just behind her toe nails... mesmerized by that sight I sat ogling at her feet ... I forgot i was in middle of a test.. i ignored the fact that whole class could watch me.. she then slowly tapped my chest with her feet... Now i understood she was signalling me to show her, my answersheet.. But i dont want to stop her so i continued to write as though i didnt get her signal..( But at that time i didnt understand why i wanted a female feet to touch me... ) Frustrated by my antics she slowly raised her left feet further up in my body..Timidly she placed her feet on my shoulder from behind.. now i saw her feet from real close.. Odour of her feet reached my nostrils.. That very smell overpowered me like anything ... it kindled a wild fetish fire in me... i wanted to kiss her feet,lick it,suck it.. I restrained myself with all the self control i could muster.. she slowly tilted her feet and tapped my neck... Until now when she touched my hip and shoulder she touched only my dress.. But as she tapped my neck flesh of her feet touched my skin.. her feet was so delicate and fragile.. i continued to act unnoticed... She then slowly raised her feer and placed her big toe and adjacent toe on both sides of my ear and pulled my ear.. i showed no reaction.. Determined to get my attention she extented her feet infront of my face so that she blocked my view.. i moved my face to the front slightly.. Tiny hairs on one of her toe now touched my upper lip..

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